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Chairman's Message


Chairperson's message for school education

In a fast-changing world. Economics, society, politics, culture, nature, school education, technology, relation, and the population is also changing fast.  Further people compete with one another for success, survival, and existence. As a result, a large number of people fail to fight. At last a limited people manage to achieve their goal. I believe hard work, grit, and determination is the key to success. Moreover, the regular and focused effort lead one to his goal. Undoubtedly time constraints everybody. Eventually, one who uses his precious time effectively has more chances to achieve their goal. To succeed in this challenging world. Children need to gain the right knowledge, skills, and values. Children face the challenge and receive opportunities. Above all right education helps to deal challenges and opportunities. Every child must understand himself and his environment. In short knowledge of self and others increases chances of success.

School education

For a good life person needs and demands should be in harmony.  therefore one must fulfill his needs. Let others fulfill their need. Notwithstanding anything, unreasonable demands must stop. I am committed to giving this world, enlightened and awakened people through our school education. Who stands apart in life. School continuously search for new ways to find out good ways to teach its students. Hence it uses technology. At the same time integrates new knowledge. School wants its every student to succeed in the complex world. I cordially invite you to explore global kids Indian school. We at global kids commit ourselves every day to give supreme education to your child.   global kids indian school education especially focus on readiness of the parent to listen to anything at anytime is the key in present day to groom the good child

Global Kids Indian School, school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten, in Rama Vihar serving Rama Vihar, mohammadpur majri, karala, roop vihar, meer vihar, mubarak pur, madanpur dabas, rupali enclave, kanjhawala, udhan pana, jain nagar, saheed bhagat singh nagar, sukhbeer nagar, rajiv nagar, nithari, kirari, rohini etc.

D-111/1, Rama Vihar Delhi 110081 INDIA (school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten)
Phone: 9999758499, 9999768499