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Congratulation on joining GLOBAL KIDS INDIAN PRE SCHOOL

Congratulation on joining GLOBAL KIDS INDIAN PRE SCHOOL

  Congratulation on joining GLOBAL KIDS INDIAN PRE SCHOOL !!!

  We at GLOBAL KIDS indian pre school look forward to make our pre school an enjoyable experience for  your child as well as yourself. It’s time to start a brand new year and we  look forward to a positive and productive year together , We strive to provide the best educational experience possible. Our teachers will teach the best of their ability every day ;  guiding  your ward on a path that will give him / her  the skills necessary for a productive future. The curriculum will be rigorous and the standards will remain high. We cannot afford to lower the bar . Our students must be able to complete with students across the globe. Our students deserve a world class education , and at GKIS he / she will receive it.

We extend a  special , yearlong invitation to all parents to join us at school activities and events whenever possible .  We want … we need and we value your involment and support in your child’s education. Your active participation will make a great difference in your child’s education .

Accordingly , we would appreciate  if you make note of following points. Kindly paste these pages in the bedroom of your child or at prominent place so that , you can reinforce following  points with your  child from time to time. This guideline is the first step towards building up the good basics of your child.

Parenting is a skill which is enriched with daily experiences. All parents want their child to be the best.

Good parenting means a great parent-child relationship. Here are some parenting tips which will help in forging a great bond with your children.

  1. Give Unconditional Love

  2. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

  3. Develop Healthy Eating Habits From a Young Age

  4. Have Family-Time!

  5. Try to Make Your Children Self-Reliant

  pre school preach a restrained should be put on the habit of bribing child for every minial work .
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D-111/1, Rama Vihar Delhi 110081 INDIA (school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten)
Phone: 9999758499, 9999768499