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Global Kids Indian School


Global Kids Indian School

Global Kids Indian School is the sanctuary of empowerment. Especially set up to fill the gap that exists between Indian and global education. With emerging Internet whole world shrink to a village. Further people from the different culture, country, governance, and technology connect to one another. Therefore people can easily understand bias, prejudice, and unfairness that exist in any nation, society, and sect. Eventually, Innovation or technology is not specific to any national boundary. with the result that any willing person can now take the benefit of new education and thinking.   In the meantime, global kid’s Indian school take the cudgels in our hand to remove the unfairness that exists. For this purpose, we decided to teach our people the necessary skills needed to remove this bias. Hence the foundation for global kids Indian school is laid.  Ultimately, the school initiated its journey for a better world where everyone is happy.

Global kids Indian school especially focus to inculcate followings in its students

    • To have respect for one another
    • To keep their individuality as well as accepting others.
    • Independence in thought, behavior, and action
    • Respect for the rule of law
    • Problem-solving by innovative ways
    • Love for work
    • To take care of oneself and others
    • Discipline and dedication to complete any task they take
    • management of their time
    • Skills to exchange their ideas without hurting others
    • To take initiatives for their problem solving
    • Take the correct decision without wasting their time
    • To have control over their words and action
    • About Cultural, social, technological, natural diversities exist now
    • Essential life skills to survive themselves
    • To behave responsibly rather than whimsically
    • To follow any work creatively without reservation
    • Confidence to take action in due time
    • lead the situation taking everybody together
    • Take care of their health themselves
    • To work in a team with attention to everybody
    • Love for the environment along with respect for humanity
    • Sympathy for others on the other hand empathy to understand them
    • To Express their emotion through arts, singing, and dancing
    • The art of Public speaking without hurting others sentiments
    • To keep scientific temper despite any influence
    • To think in a just and rational manner under any circumstances
    • Problem-solving attitude and abilities

Global Kids Indian School, school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten, in Rama Vihar serving Rama Vihar, mohammadpur majri, karala, roop vihar, meer vihar, mubarak pur, madanpur dabas, rupali enclave, kanjhawala, udhan pana, jain nagar, saheed bhagat singh nagar, sukhbeer nagar, rajiv nagar, nithari, kirari, rohini etc.

D-111/1, Rama Vihar Delhi 110081 INDIA (school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten)
Phone: 9999758499, 9999768499