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School Dress Free
Zero Admission Fee
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Our Aims


To equip our students with values, beliefs, experiences, skills, ideas and knowledge to adapt to changing need of global environment

To provide learning environment where individuality is respected without any bias or prejudice of gender, caste, creed, religion, origin, status, ethnicity etc.

To assist students exploit their potential and refine their intellectual, emotional, physical, social and other skills

To provide good foundation in the precious early years of life for their well-being in present and future

To get ahead of ourselves and others everyday

To imbibe values of togetherness, honesty, trust, diligence, compassion and integrity

To provide responsive environment to students developmental needs

To sensitize students about world interdependence and entwines

To arouse respect for the Rules of India

To provide state-of-the art education facilities to our students

To build students intelligence, concentration and creativity

To develop lively and enquiring minds with the ability to question, cogitate and exercise judgment

To promote nondiscriminatory and non-stereotype views

To engage parents in their ward education

To make learning enjoyable, active and dynamic

To instill aspiration for higher personal and academic standards

To aware our students about environment and current global movements

in this education tip global kids indian school says that do not bribe child for every minial work and do not lure him to work with gifts

Global Kids Indian School, school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten, in Rama Vihar serving Rama Vihar, mohammadpur majri, karala, roop vihar, meer vihar, mubarak pur, madanpur dabas, rupali enclave, kanjhawala, udhan pana, jain nagar, saheed bhagat singh nagar, sukhbeer nagar, rajiv nagar, nithari, kirari, rohini etc.

D-111/1, Rama Vihar Delhi 110081 INDIA (school, playschool, nursery, preschool and kindergarten)
Phone: 9999758499, 9999768499