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play as education in schools

Play as education in schools

Education imparted in schools is an intangible asset with an individual. Education provides an edge over others. Further it help person to win over his circumstances.

Life itself is complex. Understanding life in entirety is not possible. Also Life continuously give us new challenges. These complex challenges are tough, strong and complex than previous ones. One find them difficult because one don't have education to deal with them.

Purpose of schools education

Nations develop an education pattern to teach their people. Nations try to give skills, knowledge and attitude to their people. To put it differently nation success depends on its capable people. Good education develop capable people. Afterwards nation have people to deal with any problem. Good education should always remain priority. Education shall not derail from its aim.

The fight with life start from the childbirth itself. As soon as the child senses start engaging he starts exploring. Child understand and know the world through senses. Children Experiment with the things to appease their senses. These small experiences built their knowledge about world. It is through senses that child feel its surrounding. Gradually child know about themselves. Further their relation develops. Finally they become responsible. Occasionally they may develop new way to do.

How schools play develop child

Play develops psychological functioning. It need thinking and problem solving. Play develop ability to cope with tension. It grow understanding. It give ability to use tools and improve language.

Play gives confidence. It helps to improve relation with other people. As the child plays, he built ideas. After all as a result he grow intellectually.

With play child could try out and gradually perfect her intellectual capacities. Child needs an opportunity to experiment with materials in the schools. He needs all kinds of raw materials like sand, water clay, bricks, crayons and paint. Raw material help the child to express her ideas. At last he master to do. The child needs certain number of sensory materials which appeal to her natural interest. Different sizes, shapes, sounds, colors games, puzzles and boards entice child to use them. To summarize play is the only way that develops preschool children.

  schools should give respect to childs struggle it is the struggle that develops the child personality.
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