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primary school

  Interview as child assessment technique in primary school

  Interview the primary school child involve systematic one to one talk to a child, asking the questions and recording the responses for interpretation.When we plan to interview a child, we must prepare a detailed list of the questions that we will ask to child. Alternatively, we can think of a general plan for the interview, without actually specifying the exact questions, we will be guided by the responses to carry on The interview. In this we formulate the actual questions on the spot. In both the cases we have to ensure that the questions we planned give us the desired information, that They are understandable to child and that they do not reflect our own biases. A lot planning is required to formulate the interview schedule.  

Let us know the points one keep in mind while formulating interview questions for primary school children.

  • Words used in the questions should be simple so that the respondent can understand the question

  • Questions should be so formulated that they awaken an interest in the topic of discussion and should motivate the respondent to want to reply to them.

  • The questions in the beginning should generally be neutral and simple instead of being specific and requiring the person to give an opinion.

  • The important questions should be placed in the middle of the interview schedule because towards the end the interviewee may be tired and may not answer the questions properly.

  • Questions that may embarrass the primary school should be avoided.

  • Questions related to a particular aspect of the topic should be asked in sequence.

  • The duration of the interview should be reasonable.

  • The presence of every question in the schedule should be justified.

Before conducting the interview, it is important for interviewer to form rapport with the child. One way to do this is to talk to the child briefly about some topic of her interest. This will make the interviewee feel comfortable and set the pace for the interview. The topic of the interview should be told to child to help her to organize her thoughts. Conversational style is the best style to be followed for interview and facial expressions, gestures and posture of the child should be carefully observed.  

Read the interview schedule thoroughly before you interview. If clarifications required for some answers, you must do so before the interview is over. After the interview is over, you should immediately write down the responses in detail.  

The child's responses to the questions will form the content of the analysis. The analysis should be written in a brief form at the end of the interview. As stated earlier it should reflect the attitudes, beliefs and opinions, explanations and level of information of the children.  

every parent of primary school should model the behaviour they would like to see in their ward
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