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Influence of television on playschool, preschool, daycare and kindergarten students

Mass media in today’s world brought the people close to one another. Many messages are sent between people. Different mass media appeal different audiences. In this blog we discuss the influence of television on playschool preschool daycare kindergarten children

Influence of Television on playschool, preschool, daycare and kindergarten children

Television pervades all aspects of people life. People form opinion based on information received from television. People use it to forget their day-to-day stress. Television is the cheapest source of entertainment. Further its popularity continuously rise among people. Everyone watch television. For present generation television is like family member, exist from the time they born. Government decided to use television as a source of education. Therefore television view rise in reach and number. At first, television program were educative and informative. Later, entertainment dominates. Television service become regular in India with the launch of channel for farmers. Later NCERT formed technology cell in it. Which target children with its educational content. Gradually, television turned out to be another socializing agent, like family, peer groups, society. Within a decade of its introduction it become the strong socializing institution like family.

playschool preschool daycare kindergarten students

Child mind, attitude, skill, thinking and behavior is influence by its environment. Every innovation accepted by people gradually enter the environment and start leaving its influence. playschool preschool daycare kindergarten Child learning is directly or indirectly influenced by peers and family. They use language, counting, writing, diagrams, maps, signs and work of art for this. Mobile, laptop, television, radio are some of the recent innovations. These innovations change the child environment. Finally they themselves become agent of change. Preschool, playschool, daycare and kindergarten child view television under parent supervision. Therefore parents have power to regulate and control children’s duration and content of viewing. Parents also help the children to interpret the programs. They analyze the broadcast. They explain content to kid. Gradually child understands the content. Later child become television literate. Afterward they judge the content themselves. Television arises question, change view, spread knowledge, put ideas. Simultaneously it prevents talking to others, playing, participation, and exploration. Hence it interferes with the overall development of the child. Television watching vary from person to person. Further aware parents regulate its use. Hence control the influence of television on children.


During preschool years children start knowing the world around them. At this time they Play and experiment to understand environment. Television, radio, computer are part of this environment. In essence, television can help in child learning. Provided use cautiously. global kids indian school message for its playschool preschool daycare kindergarten students which reads widen your mind and liberate yourself
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