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Dear Parents kindly update your details on the "login" panel through "User ID" & "Password" shared with you.
Dear Parents, kindly note that PTM is scheduled on 16/03/2019. New academic session commence from 18/03/2019.
Admission Open : Please fill the REGISTRATION FORM available under "Admission" button in the header menus to initiate the ADMISSION PROCESS or Visit the school to fill the form physically.




TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE DAY CARE I, _____________________________ (Name of Parent) certify that I am the bonafide guardian of __________________________ (Name of Child) admitted to day care.
    1. I will pay the Day Boarding & Transport (if applicable) Charges in advance before 7th of every month.
    1. I understand that, monthly fees can be increased any time, with 10 days prior notice to the parents.
    1. I understand that monthly fees is still payable due to daycare holidays and closure, and that there will be no compensation.
    1. The day care remain close on all restricted and gazette holidays.
    1. I hereby release indemnify and hold harmless against the day boarding for any or all damages, claims and other liabilities resulting from any activities of the child ,inside or outside the daycare.
    1. Permission is hereby granted to the Day care to seek medical or hospital attention for my child in the event of any emergency, illness or accident concerning my child. In such event, I shall be responsible for all the expenses incurred {e.g. Transport, medical fees, administrative costs and others}.
    1. I understand that Day care does not accept any responsibility for accidental injuries or loss of personal property.
    1. I understand that daycare cannot be held responsible/accountable for non-satisfactory improvement.
    1. I understand that, if the child is suffering from any disease on any particular day, it need to be informed to the daycare authorities. In this case, daycare authorities have full right to accept/return the child to his/her parents.
    1. I understand that I am solely responsible for rendering false or misleading or withholding correct or concealing any information and consequence thereof.
    1. I understand that, I cannot claim or file the suit for any kind of damages or refund, from the day boarding management or staff, if management gets changed, or the day boarding is permanently or temporarily closed or if its gets shifted to new location. The claim or suit cannot be filed against the management or staff for any reason whatsoever.
    1. I will compensate the daycare management with an appropriate amount, if some damage is done by my child to daycare’s property.
    1. Immediate Cancellation of the Admission of the child will be done in following circumstances:
        • If the fees is not paid for 2 months, then daycare has full right to cancel the admission and stop the transport facility.
        • If the fees cheque issued by parent gets dishonored due to any reason whatsoever.
        • If the student or the parent of the student uses bad language or show disrespect, displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behavior, or for any other reasonable cause to teachers, staff, or management.
        • Immoral behavior, grave insubordination, lack of cooperation by students or the parents.
        • Damage to the daycare property by any student or parent. The cost of damage will also have to be paid along with fine for negligence.
        • Due to any bad habit
      • any permanent infectious disease to the child
    2.  We may also ask parents to withdraw their child from the daycare if we have reasonable cause to believe that the child is suffering from or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection and there remains a danger that other children may contract such a disease or infection.
    1. Parents must inform the daycare if the child is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies before attending the daycare.
    1. Parents agree to daycare photographing their child for the Centre’s promotional purposes.
    1. The students must not wear any kind of gold/diamond or any other precious jewellery. The daycare management/staff/drivers will not be responsible for loss of any such material. The daycare is also not responsible for loss of any article of any value in daycare or in daycare transport.
    1. The daycare reserves the right to amend any clause stated herewith without prior notice.
    1. I have read & understand these Terms and Conditions & agree to be bound by them.
    1. I hereby put my signatures to confirm the declarations.
  Name of Child_________________ Name of the Parent: ____________________ Signatures of the Parent: ________________________Date: _______________ day care in indra enclave is saying that parents must use new word in their daily conversation to increase the vocabulary of the child.
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