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Dear Parents, kindly note that PTM is scheduled on 16/03/2019. New academic session commence from 18/03/2019.
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Latest Blogs

global kids indian school message for its playschool, preschool, daycare and kindergarten students which reads widen your mind and liberate yourself

Influence of television on playschool, preschool, daycare and kindergarten students

Mass media in today’s world brought the people close to one another. Many messages are sent between people. Different mass media appeal different audiences. In this blog we discu

every school should give respect to childs struggle it is the struggle that develops the child personality.

play as education in schools

Play as education in schools Education imparted in schools is an intangible asset with an individual. Education provides an edge over others. Further it help person to win over hi

students playing games together in Montessori school

montessori school

Play in montessori school for Allround Development:   Play is a natural activity of childhood much more than just physical activity and is an instrument of learning in mos

to motivate the child for appropriate behaviour parents must say good words about them in their absence. nearby playschools also urge parents to say good words about their ward very loudly so that they can overhear what their parents is saying

playschools structure and facilities

Physical Structure and Facilities in nearby playschools Pre school education helps in the smooth transition of the child from home to elementary school. It also strengthens mot

every parent of primary school should model the behaviour they would like to see in their ward

primary school

  Interview as child assessment technique in primary school   Interview the primary school child involve systematic one to one talk to a child, asking the questi

parents should develop a common hobby with their playschool children and follow them continuously with him.


observation as child evaluation in the playschool In our daily lives we learn about people by watching them in day to day situations and by talking to them . Seeing a student's be

nursery education must foster independent thinking in the child to develop there individuality


  playschool, preschool, nursery as preparatory school Pre school education is a very comprehensive education which includes parental education, as well as child educati

the primary principle of child care is availability to child. parents should always remain available to listen to anything from their ward anytime

child care

  Nuclear families and child care Nuclear family' consists of husband, wife and their children whereas ’Extended family' consists of nuclear family plus parents and/or

day care awareness driver teaching parents to have clear expectation from child so that he can perform accordingly and support for the achievement of expectation.

day care

  Factors forming parents perception about day care Parents' expectations are the true standards for judging day care service quality. Understanding the nature and deter

someone concerned from the family should be regular to check the school assignments and notes to work with the school and help in the brain development of the child

Brain development in initial years

factors influencing the brain development of the child during playschool, daycare and school years brain development of the child in initial years is very crucial. family and scho

discover yourself for discovery of world. dont take hope of people away from them hopes are the the fuel that drive the life else life has no meaning


  DISCOVERY OF THE DAY CARE CENTER WORKING Every day care have different staff resonsible for different different work. some of the staff day care recruit are teacher,

assign your child meaningful work and allot them responsibilities to develop their brain the practice usually followed at brain discovery global school

Discover the brain

Discover the brain Significance of brain in the discovery of environment around you. child should not  be shielded from its environment otherwise the repercussions will be soo

global kids indian school says that child should be encouraged to learn new sensory activities in early childhood education

Early childhood education importance

  Why play school are important in early childhood education Early childhood education provide a strong foundation for all round development of the child. Early childhoo

daycare near me in paryavaran complex say that parents must share their work or home experience with their wards to better groom them and make them more realistic.

what are day care?

know the best daycare near me Daycare near me are places that provides care service for toddlers and young children. Every daycare institute have there own daycare specific philos

preschool global kids indian school says that parents should convert anecdotes and incidences from past to useful stories and let the child to draw inference on it and discuss on it

why preschool have different fee structures?

why preschool have different fee structures? Every  preschool have different fee structure due to two reasons. they do not come under the jurisdiction of any governing body.

cbse school sangam vihar

global kids indian school sangam vihar endeavour to develop a sense of empathy and sympathy in the people. Education is no education at all if it is not for the benefit of per

the play school near me encouraging students to actively participate in school assembles

Role of Play school near me in early childhood education for all

Role of Play school near me in early childhood education for all Play school near me are burgeoning rapidly by different name like play way, Montessori, Froebel kindergarten

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